ᵀ ᴴ ᴱ ᴬ ᴿ ᴷ has its roots in two generations of fine jewelry artisans.
I, Sam Abdelshahid founder of THE ARK along with my brother and co-founder Jeremiah Abdelshahid have been inspired by the craft of jewelry making since young age. We come originally from Luxor, Egypt. Once we started on the artisan path of jewelry craftsmanship we knew we have found our God-given gift & passion.
ᵀ ᴴ ᴱ ᴬ ᴿ ᴷ  is now located in Tyler, Texas at the newest shopping center south of Tyler inside the Cumberland Villages. In Egypt, we have multiple locations across the nation. They are located in private resorts, tourist attractions such as cruise ships on the
Nile River and places like the Hilton in Luxor where we design fine jewelry for travelers from all over the world. 
In Italy we have our remote powerhouse for making some of the finest assorted gold pieces.
Our second true and most important passion & mission is to please our clients and ensure your happiness & satisfaction by making sure we always provide our best service possible to you. We come from a strong value to treat everyone the way we want to be treated with love and genuine respect, we work very hard to make sure each one of our clients is happy with the service and products we provide. 
Welcome to ᵀ ᴴ ᴱ ᴬ ᴿ ᴷ ᴶ ᴱ ᵂ ᴱ ᴸ ᴿ ᵞ !